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Any Excuse to Party at Pinspiration

Any Excuse to Party at Pinspiration

May and June Edition

My family loves to get together. Any excuse, and we’re inviting folks over to our house. Sure, there’s birthday parties, baby and wedding showers but we go beyond your typical events and come up with any occasion to gather.

While I really enjoy the company, I hate the clean up before – how does our house look – quickly run the vacuum. Then there’s the after the party clean up. Wow, it is amazing how much clutter can be created with just 10 family members or guests.

Ah – but Pinspiration North Orlando to the rescue. Turns out their VIP room is the perfect venue for a party between 10 and 20 people. They serve snacks, craft beer, wine, and hard seltzers. And for the kids, they are a great selection of kiddy cocktails. There is even a TV in the room expanding the possible party themes. Here are just a few that come to mind based upon upcoming events.

Craft and the NFL Draft

  • Thursday April 29 (that’s tonight – book now!)

  • Friday, April 30th

  • Saturday May 1st

While I am a football fan, I find the NFL draft dreadfully boring. However, many members of our family insist on turning this three-day event into an excuse to gather. Oh sure, there are moments of excitement but with 10 minutes between picks in the first round, that means there are 54 minutes of misery every hour of commercials and so call experts telling us why that was a good or bad pick. Why not fill those 54 minutes with something fun and productive to prepare for the upcoming football season? You could paint a serving tray, a bottle opener, or a beer stein.

Triple Crown Parties

  • The Kentucky Derby – May 1, 2021.

  • The Preakness Stakes – May 15, 2021.

  • The Belmont Stakes – June 5, 2021.

The Kentucky Derby is called the most exciting two minutes in sports. Planning an event around a horse race, much like the NFL draft – is a lot of fill time. What a perfect time to paint your favorite horse (Check out that blog here!) You can either paint a realistic horse or one as colorful as the jockey’s bibs. With three horse racing events, three excuses to throw a party!

Mother’s Day

  • May 9th

Instead of giving your mom flowers that will soon be forgotten, why not book our VIP room and throw mom a party. Have the kids decorate with their handprints on any number of wood art pieces. Or perhaps you can paint her a coffee cup that she will cherish all year long. Dad will be the hero for organizing the event. It could be a father kid bonding moment as he hammers in the nail for the string art. (Include the heart shaped string art but we need a kid picture in in) Or he can sit back and watch golf while mom and the kids’ craft (Wells Fargo Championship).

Father’s Day

  • June 20th

Any since that was so much fun, why not have an encore event for dad. The kids can paint dad a paint dad a self-guided canvas of a golf green using their own footprint – while dad watches the US Open Championship from beautiful La Jolla California. Or forget the golf and everyone can decorate cupcakes. Not only do you get to have fun decorating your cupcake, but you can eat it too!

For details on booking your special event in the VIP room, please visit our website. If you have other fun party ideas, just reply to this email.

Thanks for including me in your day!


Crafting Queen,


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