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Don't Try This at Home

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Don’t Try This at Home

Before Pinspiration, crafters did their handy work at home. Crafting at home can be filled with so many challenges. Do you have enough room to spread out? Is there adequate lighting? Is there a convenient place to plug things in? Do you have enough things to complete your task? Do you have the right tools? Do you have a convenient place for your craft to dry? What about a support team? And best of all, do you have someone who will clean up after you?

At Pinspiration North Orlando, there is plenty of room to spread out. You can have an entire table of your own. At home, you might be limited to the laundry room – a hot, noisy, windowless room. Or the kitchen table in between mealtimes. I love the fact that each table is covered in brown paper as I often get paint on more places than my craft. Don’t forget to ask for an apron too.

The lighting at Pinspiration is great with both ambient and direct lighting – you won’t be crafting the dark or have your head cast shadows over your craft as you work.

Need to plug something in? Above every table are extension cords that can “magically” drop over your table. Over head means no tripping hazard like an extensions cord might at home.

Now you can plug in your glue gun with ease. And not to worry that you have enough glue sticks. At Pinspiration, we have plenty. Whether you’re gluing, painting, or adding glitter, we have all the components not only to complete your craft but also to make it spectacular. Perhaps you want to make a candle. No need to mess up your pots and pans to melt the wax. We have everything to make the perfect customized candle, from the melting pot, color, fragrance, votive and embellishments. No two candles will be alike.

So, relax and enjoy your crafting time in a bright, open airy space. Add a glass of wine, a craft beer or simply a cup to coffee to make it even more enjoyable. Maybe add a snack – after all, you need to fuel your creative energy.

If you’re creation needs time to dry – no worries. We have drying racks where your creation can be stored out of harms way. Once my cat walked over my craft as the paint dried. Not only did that ruined it but also created a huge mess of little paint covered paw prints. Hey – I thought I had put it where it was safe, but you know how curious cats can be.

And speaking of my cats, she is worthless at giving advice or providing helpful hints for my project. The muses at Pinspiration are great at listening, giving advice or best of all inspiration. In fact, they have created idea books full of different techniques, methods, and ideas to make your craft one of a kind.

And finally when it’s time to clean up – you get to walk away! The team at Pinspiration are there to put away all your tools, embellishments, and clean up what ever mess you made. Ah – if only they made house calls.

Thanks for including us in your day!

Stop doing your crafting at home! Come to Pinspiration North Orlando and find out just how creative you can be when we make it easy for you.


Crafting Queen,


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