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Crafting is my Stress Reliever

Crafting is my Stress Reliever

By all accounts, 2020 was a stressful year. The crazy Covid, the lockdowns, politics. Ugh. I get stressed thinking about that list. I run a small business and trust me when I say there were many nights when I tossed and turned with worry.

But the good news for me is I found a great stress reliever. And the funny thing is it was so unexpected. My new stress reliever is Pinspiration North Orlando. It is a do it yourself crafting studio that serves beer and wine. Admittedly, I never considered myself a crafty person. I mean, who has time for that? Certainly not a working mom business owner.

But we were looking for something new to do and who can say no to wine – right? So off we went. Once there, we discovered there were many crafts from which to choose. I settled on painting my own, personalized coffee cup. You use a paint pen. For the most concentrated color, it is best to paint in dots. Hm. What could I paint with dots?

My first coffee cup was fireworks. The perfect image using just dots. I chose red and blue pens – thinking about fourth of July fireworks. It was quick and easy and well kind of addicting. I was finished so quickly I grabbed another coffee cup. For this one I did a four-leaf clover for St Patrick’s day. Very cute! .

But that too went quickly. Now what. For my third coffee cup I simply added curly ques to the cup in black and gold – the colors of UCF where my husband graduated.

Finally, I was told it was time to go. I reluctantly agreed. It was then that I discovered how calm and relaxed I was. For the last hour and a half, I had focused all my attention to three blank white coffee cups. I didn’t think about the crazy Covid, the economy, global warming – just applying paint one drop at a time to a coffee cup.

When we reached the car, I was relaxed and smiling and suddenly my problems didn’t seem so bad. I was rejuvenated! My husband tells me the days following our crafting experience I was more fun to be around.

Now, the stresses of the world are starting to pile up and I feel myself slipping into a “woe is me” attitude. Yep – both my husband, my family and I agree it is time to go back for some creative focused crafting. Hm. What should I do this time?

Thanks for including me in your day!


Crafting Queen,


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