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Crafting is The Cure for Covid Cabin Fever

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Crafting is the Cure for Working from Home Cabin Fever

If you grew up north where the winters are cold, you may have experienced true cabin fever. In that case, it was too cold and/or miserable to go outside. Maybe you were even snowed in.

You felt trapped.

Enter the Pandemic and many of us figured out we could work from home. Sweet! No more time spent commuting to work so you could sleep in longer. No more stress from traffic. Heck – no need to even dress up except for the occasional zoom call. Perhaps your kids stayed home and did virtual school. Shopping has been transformed too. Between Insta-Cart and Amazon, no need to leave the house. Dinner? Just order it up from Uber eats and enjoy – right?

In other words, you don’t need to leave your house. Great – for a while. Pretty soon, you start to crave live interaction with people or simply need to see something other than the walls of your house.

Time to Get Out of the House!

Pinspiration North Orlando is the cure for Work from Home Cabin Fever! The do it yourself crafting studio is light, bright, and open. Plenty of space to spread out and to socially distance. The muses all wear masks and each table gets a fresh brown paper cover per guest. You can even enjoy a craft beer, flavored seltzer, or glass of wine while you craft.

Now that you’re out of the house, what can you create to make your return to home a little more enjoyable? Perhaps your own custom created soy candle. Pick your votive, color and fragrance. Then spice it up with embellishments like paint, glitter, or seashells. There are plenty of choices at Pinspiration North Orlando. Think how calming your scented candle will be – so much better than fighter traffic.

Spice up your

Zoom Calls

If you spend a lot of time on Zoom, Teams, Go to Meeting or other virtual meeting platforms, you know your teammates or clients want you to turn your camera on. Why not impress your co-workers with a personally embellished coffee cup. Won’t that look awesome on your next Monday morning status update call. I can hear your work colleagues now, “Hey, where did you get that cool coffee cup?” and you respond, “I made it!”

What about the wall behind your work from home space? Why not add a self-guided canvas or some colorful wood art? I recently painted a red poinsettia and it turned out so well, I framed it! The perfect backdrop for my zoom calls. I now have some fun painted wood art for my back wall. Fun stuff but wait for your clients and co-workers to see an acrylic pour behind you. You will make the talk at the office cooler – if there was one.

And when it’s time for happy hour – whether Zoom or in person, why not say “cheers” with your own custom created wine glass? If you want to be impressive, paint a different wine glass for each of your friends. Forget that silly wine glass charm – everyone can have a uniquely designed glass. Nice!

Need more fun ideas to create and get out of the house? Come check out our studio in person for some advance planning. No charge for some creative exploration time and it gets you out of the house. Of course, you can peruse our “idea” books while sipping on your favorite adult beverage – just to spur more creative thinking.

I hope to see you at Pinspiration North Orlando soon!


Crafting Queen,


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