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Discover the Fun of Acrylic Pour

Discover the Fun of Acrylic Pour

Have you tried Acrylic Pour yet? I think by far it is the most unique craft we have to offer at Pinspiration North Orlando. Like splatter, the act of creating the pour is the fun part. Also, like splatter, it can be a bit messy so I would definitely recommend wearing an apron and by no means try this at home. But unlike splatter, the results are far more display worthy.

The magic of acrylic pour comes from a top-secret ingredient. Okay, maybe not so secret. The voodoo comes from a paint additive called “floetrol” intended to eliminate brush and roller marks when painting walls. But in our application, it keeps the paints from running together. This allows you to use many colors in combination without having to worry about them combining into an ugly brown or gray.

There are many techniques which surprisingly always creates something special. First, you mix the paint with the Floetrol in a plastic cup. You use a lot of paint! Then you can pour the paints in layers into another cup. Now your fully loaded cup paint is poured onto the canvas. How you pour it can vary the effect. Then you move the canvas forward and back, side to side to distribute the paint – without dripping all over the floor. Ah but you might end up with it on your hands. Oops.

I was fortunate to experiment with three different techniques with three totally different results. Of course, I had help with one of the experienced muses that are always present to help guide you through your perfect pour. One such technique was to layer our “rainbow” colors into a cup. Then we poured just straight black to the canvas. Wait – what? Won’t that kill our colors? Not at all. The outcome is stunning.

Of course, you don’t have to only pour acrylic on canvas. There are many examples in the studio of acrylic pour on wood art – by itself and in combinations. You just must stop by and see all the applications.

Finally, I must warn you. Acrylic pours take time to dry. This is both bad and good. Bad because you can’t take it home that day. Good because it gives us a chance to see you again at Pinspiration North Orlando. Perhaps to do another pour? Or share your thoughts with our muses while enjoying a beverage. We always want you to share your thoughts so we can get better at our craft.

I hope you will take an opportunity to do acrylic pour soon. And if you do, you must let me know how you liked it. Just reply to this or any of our weekly blogs.

Thanks for including Pinspiration North Orlando in your day.


Crafting Queen,


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