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Fear of The Blank Canvas

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Fear of The Blank Canvas

Ah – the bane of every creative person’s existence. The blank canvas! For writers, it could be the blank sheet of paper. For the potter, the large lump of clay. What shall I create today?

At Pinspiration North Orlando, we have seen this phenomenon stop even the most creative person in their tracks. Sometimes, they simply have no idea what to do. Just as often, it’s not that they don’t have plenty of ideas – they just don’t know which one they want to do today.

That’s where the team at Pinspiration North Orlando can step in and be helpful. The muses have an entire “Inspiration” wall filled with the different crafts from which to choose:

  • Canvases

  • Wood art

  • Candles

  • Acrylic pours

  • String art

  • Customized coffee cups and wine glass

Then, once you’ve selected your craft, we have idea books filled with different techniques and tricks to make your craft truly one of a kind. Perhaps you want to try a combination of crafts. Like acrylic pour over wood art. Or string art and wood art together. One of the least utilized crafts is wood art. First time visitors see the wood cutouts and freeze up. Inspired by self-directed canvases, the muses are currently created self-directed wood art designs. First, they create the pattern which can be traced onto the wood object. Then they select and identify the paints and embellishments to complete the creation. Of course, once started, many crafters personalize their craft.

A little advanced planning goes a long way too. Check out the various wood shapes we have to offer. Perhaps a unicorn or horse would be the right craft for your son or daughter’s bedroom. What colors would work best in that room? Does your child have a favorite horse? How about a colorful red and black horse for a boy or pink and purple for a girl’s room?

Custom making a candle seems simple enough. Select your votive, the color of the candle and the fragrance. But it is the embellishment on the outside of the candle that stops crafters in their tracks. Should I add paint to the sides or glue shells or glass beads. One of my favorite crafts is customizing coffee cups using our paint pens. Maybe it’s because I love coffee. And why not start your day with a cup of joy. Why not end the day that way as well with your own wine glass? What could be more joyful than drinking from your own creation? Afraid to start? Sketch out your concept on the brown paper table coverings. Or use a pencil on the cup that you can easily paint over with the pens. I like to try out the colors first – on the underside of the cup just to see if I like them. If I goof up (who me?) I can take the paint off with an alcohol swab. See – no fear. And we have lots of examples to inspire you.

In the end, you see there is nothing to fear, and everything is designed for you to have fun. Why not come back to Pinspiration and try a different craft.

Thanks for including us in your day!


Crafting Queen,


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