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I have become obsessed with crafting!

I have become obsessed with crafting!

I never considered myself a crafting person – too busy with kids and career. But now that these kids have moved out; I have discovered a whole new world at Pinspiration North Orlando.

I started with a self-guided canvas. The first was just okay. I guess it was a warmup. The second one is awesome and hanging in my home workspace. I blogged about it in my self-guided canvas experience. It is joyful!

Then I jumped into wood art. Unlike the self-guided canvas, there are so many possibilities. My first wood art endeavor was a unicorn. Some else had sketched about the design – I just had to pick my paints and complete it. I went super colorful figuring it could fit into the décor of any little girl’s room. I was thinking about my friend Chris from Texas. He has two little girls and one of them loves unicorns. I might just paint another unicorn and send it to him – I mean to his daughter.

Next, I tackled apples. Pretty simple, right. Well simple is boring so I thought I would paint three apples: classic red, tart green and yellow delicious. I think they work great as a three some and I’m going to add them to my laundry room. You know – that dreary task room that could use a little spicing up! I was considering painting a plum purple one but decided to stop at three – for now.

My next project was to paint a horse. In a previous blog – what’s your favorite horse – I wanted to break down what seemed to be intimidating for some. My friend Dan painted I Palomino and I painted a “Gray”. Essential Quality was a Gray and was picked as a favorite to win the Kentucky Derby. And just for fun, I painted a pink and purple horse, thinking about my daughter’s room when she was six years old. I even added a little glitter to the horse to make it more joyful.

My latest undertaking was a mermaid. Ah – but not just any mermaid – the Disney movie inspired little mermaid – complete with red hair. But I didn’t stop at painting her Ariel colors. I took it one step further and added three dimensional embellishments. Of course, she had to have a purple shell for her bra top – good thing Pinspiration North Orlando has the right sized shells. Then I added glass beads on her tail to look like scales. This makes her glisten in the light. I wanted to add interest to the tail, but I didn’t have the brush skills to apply the pattern with a paint brush. Good thing they have paint pens. I picked a slightly darker green and applied the design – super easy!

The final touch was the hair. I wanted something that looks wavy and flowy – like hair when it's in the water. I tried using a paint pen but there wasn’t enough contrast. That’s when I discovered I could add red yarn for her hair. So far, I have left her face blank. Who can copy Ariel’s immense eyes? But I might add pearls for a necklace. I painted her just for fun but now I’m thinking we should hang her by our swimming pool.

While I haven’t mastered all the wood art in the store – I think my next mission will be acrylic pours. Turns out there’s lots of options and variations and I’m told no one can stop at just one.

What so far has been your favorite craft? More importantly, what’s your next craft? Respond to this email and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for including me in your day!


Crafting Queen,


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