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Planning your next craft? Crafting Ideas are always Included.

Planning your next craft?

Crafting Ideas are always Included.

I showed my friend my recently created mermaid. To my surprise, she said something like that would go perfect on her back patio – by her pool. Hm. I had only thought of the mermaid as décor for a child’s room – not a pool patio. And why not? My mermaid was so fun, festive and colorful – why shouldn’t it liven up the pool patio?

Then I visited her patio and saw the blank spot that needed filling. Ah – maybe two mermaids would be best to fill the space – both swimming upwards but in opposite directions. (Hint – you can paint either side of the wood art to create this effect.) I had a mission! Two custom designed mermaids! My next project at Pinspiration North Orlando.

Then all the pre-crafting questions came to mind. 

  •     What color should I paint them?

  •     Should they be the same or different?

  •     What embellishments could I add?

  •     What color should I paint their hair?

  •     What could I do differently this time to make my mermaids even better? 

What colors? 

Should I paint them in the little mermaid colors like my previous mermaid or create something to coordinate with her décor. I noticed she had just bought this unique furniture piece.  It was super colorful and made from reclaimed boat wood. Perfect – now I had a color direction for each mermaid – one would be light blue and the other an aqua green.

What about acrylic pour?

One of the mermaids in the hanging store utilized an acrylic pour for the hair. The swirls of color look much like swirling hair underwater. Maybe I could do an acrylic pour for their bodies. Hm.

What embellishments?

Now that I am in pre-crafting mode, I want to see what embellishments are available.  On my last mermaid, I used clear glass beads on her lower body to look like scales.  But what other colors do they have at Pinspiration North Orlando?  How about the yarn for her hair? I need to match their hair color to the colors of the yard they have in the store. Maybe I could add baby pearls for a necklace.

I decided I needed to make a trip to the studio – not to craft but to pre-plan my craft. Why not ask the muses what suggestion they might have? You see, there is no charge for ideas or a stroll around to assess the embellishment or just to get ideas. They have binders full of ideas! Grab a binder and a cup of coffee (beer, wine, or seltzer) and just peruse the possibilities. A crafting friend of mine keeps a small sketch book in her very large purse.  Yet another friend is always snapping photos of unique crafting ideas with her phone.

So, what is your next crafting project? Have you planned it yet? Why not stop by the store to explore and tell them Crafting Queen Deryl sent you and your first cup of coffee is on me! Maybe I will even see you. I will be the one up to my elbows in mermaids. 

Thanks for including me in your day!


Crafting Queen,


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