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What is Your Favorite Horse?

What is your favorite horse?

When I was a young girl, I loved drawing horses. What I quickly learned was drawing a horse was hard, getting the proportions exactly right. I especially struggled with the mouth and nose area. But I continued, adding black and white spots for an appaloosa or large brown spots for a painted horse.

Fortunately, at Pinspiration North Orlando we have 3-D wood art horse cut outs so the hard part is already done for you. Now apply our templates for the mane, tail and hooves using a pencil and transfer paper and voila – you have a perfectly proportioned horse. Now, all you must do is pick what color to paint your horse.

The Palomino

Dan chose to paint a palomino horse. Turns out that was Roy Roger’s horse – Trigger. He used sienna and burnt sienna to get the colors he wanted. He painted his horse directly on the raw wood so the grain of the wood shows – giving the horse the kind of texture like the horse’s actual hair. He also used a black sharpie to add the eyes, nose and mouth – brilliant!

The Gray

I chose to paint what is called a Gray horse. It is simply a white horse with a black mane, tail and hooves. Super easy to figure out those colors. White for the body, black for the mane and tail – and slate gray for the two shadowed legs. I chose to paint my horse with gesso in advance to create a more solid painted surface. Be sure to lightly sand the wood art before painting with or without the gesso.

Sarah’s Horse

When my daughter was little, we painted her room pink and lavender. Super cute. She would have loved the pink and lavender horse I painted in her honor. I mixed red paint with white to create the pink – less white for the legs in shadow. Then I finished off with glitter in the mane, tail and hooves. Too bad Sarah is a grown woman now.

The Kentucky Derby Horse

Have you ever noticed the crazy, colorful silks the jockeys wear in the Kentucky Derby? Well, we thought one of those crazy colorful patterns would make for a fun, playful horse design. The perfect décor for your upcoming Kentucky Derby party. Better yet – book the VIP Room and Pinspiration North Orlando and each of your guests can paint their own horse. They can choose a realistic design or go crazy colorful like the jockey’s silks. Then everyone can watch the race on the TV in the VIP room while sipping your favorite craft beer, wine or seltzer. Since there is only one VIP room, book now for the May 1st race!

Don’t forget the sides!

Remember, the wood art is three dimensional. That means you need to paint the side of art to give it a finished look. I found that elevating the wood on upside down paint cups is the perfect way to access the sides without getting paint everywhere – or in my case every – wear! (Wearing an apron is always advised in my case)

When you come to paint your horse, be sure to ask for the special horse template for the mane, tail and hooves. We also have pictures of a variety of horse breeds to inspire you. Pick the one that best matches your deco or the rekindles a special memory.

Thanks for including us in your day! I hope to see pictures of your painted horse soon!


Crafting Queen,


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